Self Store Shop

Welcome to our Self Store Shop

Welcome to the H & L Self Store Shop. Here you will find everything you need for storing your items. Our stock is available to purchase direct from our office.

Item price
Marker Pen £1.74
White Newsprint £8.55
Snap Off Blade Knife £2.55
Cotton Grip Gloves £2.55
Blue Selfpak Tape Dispenser £7.80
Foam Corner Covers £3.00
Blue Utility Scissors £3.79
Selfpak Tape £1.20
3ft Poly Bag in SelfPak £3.00
Item price
6ft Poly Bag in SelfPak £4.20
Armchair Cover £4.20
Sofa Cover £4.20
Dust Cover £5.55
Medium Box £2.50
Large Box £3.00
Bubble Wrap £1.25
Padlock £6.00

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